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Ron Wolcott's Blown Deuce Coupe

First time out, 4-time trophy winning car at Columbus, Ohio Good Guys

This car was featured in December 2011 Street Rodder Magazine

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Andrew Thurneer's Longnose Deuce Coupe

Built Using Unassembled N.A.M Body Shell

Syracuse Nationals Give-Away Car
Tucci Built, New Age Motorsports Body

This car was featured in July 2010 Street Rodder Magazine

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Jerry Haley from Texas

Henry Ford Steel Body/N.A.M Garnish Moldings


Izatt Family Deuce Coupe


Deuce Coupe Build


Dan Brown from Wisconsin

Rick Mader from New Hampshire

Bob Lynch from Florida

Phil Basile from Virginia

Green Roadster built by Owner
Steve Caouette.

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Red Roadster built by Owner
Art Ryone.

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Yellow Roadster built by Owners
Dianne & Bob Kszywano

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Built by Owner Donny Tanner
Built by Owner Larry Zilinsky
Built by Owner George Fazio
Built by Owner Jerry Conetta
Built by Owner Brian Avery


Built by Owner Dave Skyles


We have completed the '32 5 Window Coupe, (see pictures below). Everywhere the car goes causes a lot of excitement. We love your body - it's the best 5 Window on the market!


Dave Skyles
D&M Street Rods Limited
























Built by Owner Steve Markleski





Built by Owner Steve Daley


From old time street rod builder
Orville Elgie


Built by Owner Andy Mountanari Sr. from Connecticut


Built by Owner Chad Hunt

Chad Hunt stitched the interior of his 5-window coupe himself as well as tackling the wiring and assembly, a hefty task given the quality of the coupe. The New Age Motorsports fiberglass coupe body is chopped 3-inches and is powered by a Merc Flathead with a race cam and is backed by a T-5 trans.




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