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Mike Cowell's Duece Roadster



Pete Murphy's Deuce Coupe

Ed Baltera's Roadster


Ralph Ainslie's Deuce Coupe


Kenneth Coll's Deuce Coupe


Keith Lee's Deuce Coupe

Mark Douglas's Steel Deuce Coupe                                  Harlan Schriner's Trophy Winner  


The Gorman Family Coupe                          Mike Nickel's Coupe




Dave Hall from Massachusetts

Brookeville Steel Body/N.A.M Chassis

Ed Bosio's Deuce Coupe from California

Ed's Duece Coupe is on its way to Blackie Gejian's Autorama, this month in Fresno, CA, as well as another invitational show next month. At 92 years of age, Ed brings great innovation and classy style to the street rodding community. Ed was also the second owner of the Edelbrock Roadster.

Dick Railing's 32 Hiboy from Pennsylvania

Dick Railing's 32 Hiboy is a real blast from the past. Named as the "Class of 59" at the 2008 NSRA York Nat's, the period correct Model B features a 283 Chevy motor backed by a PowerGlide and a 59 Ford 9" Rear. He also received a Rep/Safety Award in York, as well as invitations to an invitation only show.

Fred Wilson from Connecticut with this
Hemi Powered Roadster

Hot Rod Garage from Maryland, 3" Chop 5 window Coupe with Louvered Deck lid

Gene Morin's White Roadster

As featured in the June 2007 edition of
Street Rodder Magazine
Car Built by Owner Gene Morin -
a "Builder's Builder"
Body & Frame by New Age
An excellent Deuce Coupe build by
Gary Hayes, of Maine!

Don Morgan's Stock Height '32
5 Window Coupe out of TN

Vin Stella from Connecticut

Hi Ed and Chris, I'm having a blast with this car! Smooth and I wanted to take the time to thank you guys for the products you produce and all your follow-up help and support. - Vin
Ed Baltera from New Jersey

Car Built by Owner Roger Lawrence
Body, Fender, and Chassis by New Age

Car Built by Owner Myron Griffin

Once again, New Age is lucky to have a great builder like Myron (as you can see!)
Car Built by Mike Pilesky

Car Built by Wayne England

Car Built by Owner Rod McAfee -
a "Builder's Builder"

Hey guys, just a couple of pics of my FORD powered coupe....... It's in it's final coat of blocking primer but it's reg.,inspected and i'm having to much fun to finish it this season. I had the body and frame apart for 2 months and they went back together with no problem - even all the gaps stayed the same. I haven't used one ounce of filler just primer and blocking. Everyone comments on how well the frame was done and the welding is 2nd to none........ I'll take a ride down to see you soon. I hope you have a couple of Chevy powered 32s there when I show up !!!!!!!!!!! Great body and chassis !!!!!!!!!!!
Joe Spairana's '32

Rick Blevins '32 from
Website Project THX 138



Dennis Sacks from Pennsylvania


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