Bodies & Pricing

The 1932 Ford bodies consist of a 3 inch chop 5 window coupe, a stock height 5 window coupe, and a stock dimension roadster.  We make every effort to maintain the stock nuances and integrity of the 1932 Ford. Each and every mold is constantly maintained to guarantee the quality of each body we make. Every person on our staff is responsible for this level of quality! We realize each body reflects our craftsmanship and our business directly. We build bodies, frames and components that we would want to own personally which gives us a great sense of pride. We know when you purchase a body, frame or component from us it is something you can equally be proud of.

Our unique bodies include the original driprails on our stock height and 3" chopped 5 window coupes and a tubular inner structure with all bodies we sell.


1932 Ford Roadster

'32 Roadster Base Price: $7500.00 

    Includes: One piece hand laminated body with floor. Your choice of firewall. Doors w/original hinges, inner handles, and original latch. Trunk is hung and swinging w/hidden latch. Smooth bolt in '32' roadster dash. Working Cowl Vent.

Roadster Windshield: $350.00
Chrome Windshield with Rubber: $425.00
Windshield Lower Stanchions: $89.99
Upper Stanchions Stock Height: $155.00
Upper Stanchions 2" Chop: $145.00
Top Mount Brackets, Installed: $70.00
Original Deck Handle Locking: $300.00
Rumble Seat: $350.00
Stainless Exterior Door Handles, Installed: $95.00
Prop Rod for Trunk, Installed: $175.00

1932 Ford 5-Window Stock Height Coupe

1932 Ford 5-Window 3" Chop "Graffiti-style" Coupe

As Shipped

5 Window Coupe Bodies "with original drip rails"

    Stock Height Starting at $9900.00
    3" Chop Starting at $9700.00

    Working Cowl Vent W/ Gasket $310
    Non Working Cowl Vent W/ Gasket $210
    Windshield (Glue in,Plain) $385
    Swingout Windshield System Installed w/ hinges, slider, washer, and knob set. No Glass. $595
    For Chrome Windshield Frame Add $360
    Front Windshield Glass Installed $150
    Fixed Rear Window Clear Glass W/ Gasket
    Rear Quarter Window Clear Glass Pair w/ Gaskets
    Rear Roll Down Window System
    w/Glass Installed & "T" Handle
    Horseshoe Type Trunk Hinges N/C
    Original Style Adj. Trunk Hinges $300
    Original Style Locking Trunk Lid Handle,
    Striker, Water Catch, Drain Tube
    Prop Rod Installed $175
    Interior Molding's Installed $300
    Power Windows in Doors $450
    2 Inside Door Handles, 2 Window Cranks,
    w/ Escutcheon Plates and Springs
    (Only Stock Type 1932 Parts)
    Front Fenders, Stock $325 ea.
    Rear Fenders, Stock $225 ea.
    Running Boards, Stock $550 pr.
    Interior Garnish Moldings (if purchased seperately) $550 set
    Graffiti Rear Fenders $300 pr.
    Graffiti Front Fenders
    5" Wide $150 pr.
    6 5/8" $150 pr.
    7 5/8" $150 pr.
    1932 Grille Shell (stock, steel, smooth top) $275
    1932 Grille Shell (stock, steel, Orig. Top) $285
    1932 Grille Shell (4" Chop Steel) $425
    1932 Grille Shell (4" Chop, Fibeglass) $250
    1932 Stock Grille Insert Stainless (Vintique) $285
    1932 4" Chop Grille Insert Stainless $450
    Graffiti Nerf Bar Polished Stainless $375
    Stainless Graffiti Firewall Insert (unpolished) $120
    Graffiti Style Headers $1200

1927 Ford roadster

1927 Ford Body Pricing (no floor):

$899.00 (6 oz.) - $999.00 (8 oz.) 

1923 Ford T Bucket

Pricing for the 1923 T Bucket Shell (no floor)

$550.00 (6 oz.) - $600 (8 oz.)




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